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The perfect Rendezvous with the Male escort of your choice
Why being alone when you can Have a Guest?

3 good reasons to join Have a Guest ?

High class male escort
Do not be afraid by the word “male escort” or “gigolo”, those words are there to explain you that you will not be alone anymore, nothing more. Our team is hardly working to finely select high-class gentlemen who will relieve your loneliness.
A special time
A worldwide high-class male escort service that helps you to discreetly spend the perfect evening to the restaurant, business meetings and naughty moments with the man of your dreams. Kill your loneliness and fulfill your hardest desires.
100% Discretion
A complete discretion, security and confidentiality. As a member of Have a Guest, none of the male escorts, gigolos or callboys will see your profile and unrelated words appear on the invoice.
What they think ?
Quite shy but amazing evening, thank you !
Lili, 42 years, Paris
Nothing to say except It was a cool experience! :)
Betty, 36 years, London
[...]I guess I have a new friend haha !
Cynthia, 55 years, Brussels

Why Have a Guest?

Our will: No more lonely women at night.

Have a Guest’s main goal is to satisfy the 2012 business woman who exactly knows what she wants and who does not have the time to look for a companion. Have a Guest is especially designed for you women: a place where you will not be alone anymore, a place where you easily share and spend nice moments with the male escort or gigolo of your choice. Relieve your loneliness and fulfill your desires with a high class male escort or gigolo who will take care of you, will spend some times with you around a glass of red wine, for an entire evening to the restaurant or for more intimate and sensual moments.

Women may choose their high-class male-escort regarding their availabilities and the services the gigolo proposes. All the male-escort and the gigolos can have access to the client’s profile only when she decides to be in touch with them. This preserves the clients’ privacy and allows both persons to stay discreet about their activities within Have a Guest’s platform.

Never dated a gigolo, male-escort or callboy on Internet has been that easy

Indeed, simplicity and efficiency are the leading words of Have a Guest high-class male escort dating website. We allow women to make their choices according their needs and their will. Have a Guest includes all the necessary tools that help the demanding women to meet their expectations through a caring male escort, gigolo or callboy who just wants to satisfy them.
Of course, let’s not forget that there is a big difference between male escort and gigolo. A gigolo can also be called callboy, they are both directly concerned by sexual relationships linking both the clients and the gigolo or callboy. Meanwhile, dating a male escort is not directly synonymous with sexual encounter. A male escort will make you enjoy his excellent company for several types of events: restaurant, business dinners, galas, movies, etc.

Thanks to the different tools provided on the platform, you may search for an ideal male escort, gigolo or callboy you want. You can meet your expectations when surfing on the platform looking for the perfect date via the guest menu. You can now customize your dating regarding your will, trust us, you will not find better male escort on the web searching on Google.

Women can stay in touch with male escorts without any trouble through “chat room”

The male escort will then decide to propose all kind of activities he is willing to offer such as going to restaurants, movie theaters, make a trip to Venice or even arrange a naughtiest appointment...
Have a Guest provides you a customized date where male escorts, gigolos or callboys may join you for any kind of moment you want. Thanks to Have a Guest you will never be alone again!

Choosing the one who will escort you for an evening is not a hard task anymore. The dating website Have a Guest is using a unique system of calendar that allows women, male escorts, gigolos or callboy to better manage their activities and schedule their rendezvous. An amazing concept that is very simple and adapted to any woman as much as the high-class male escort and the high-class gigolo. Any luxury male escort and any clients may select all kind of activities they want to propose: wellness center, going to the restaurant, to the movie, to a gala, to a business meeting or even kinky appointments that will fulfill your desires… You feel stressed and you need a massage? Some male escorts are specialist for that and will relieve your pain in a couple of seconds.

Every single person (clients, gigolos, male escorts and callboys, etc.) who are member of Have a Guest may complete his own menu containing all the activities or services they want to propose or offer to the ladies, to later submit two things: time and day they want to meet, via the calendar. Then, clients, male escorts, gigolos and callboys just have to select the kind of date they are interested in and start to chat and customized the perfect rendezvous. Of course, male escorts and gigolos have only access to the woman’s expectations and desires, not to their profile, this assure you a complete discretion. If the male escort wants to respond a special request from the lady he just has to accept the dating proposed. On one side, male escort or gigolo may really evaluate the personality and the expectations of the woman he is in contact with through the guest menu of all members, especially made for them. On the other side, women may better understand all gigolos or callboys’ personality and instantly notice if the activities proposed fit well her expectations. Male escort job, gigolo job or callboy job is a very serious business that allows everyone to spend an amazing time. They are high-class gentlemen who will just relieve women’s loneliness. Have a Guest’s platform welcome all kind of male escort: black male-escort, Asian male escort, Indian male-escort, American male escort as well as black gigolo, Indian gigolo or any other gigolo from any different culture, as long as they are respectful toward our female members...

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